Infertility and My Mental Health

Infertility and my mental health

It’s no secret that I’ve battled with depression and anxiety since the age of about 13 years old. The depression would come and go whenever it saw fit and eventually left me alone in 2015. My anxiety however has remained a constant for the last ten years. Most days are pretty manageable but others are crippling where even […]

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Listen Up!

National infertility awareness week

This week (23rd – 29th April) is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) in the US which was founded by Resolve. Although I live in the UK it is clearly something I am passionate about so I’m taking part too! Their theme this year is “Listen Up!” encouraging people to listen up and take notice of the […]

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“I Know How It Feels, It Took Us Six Months To Conceive”

I know how it feels it took us six months to conceive

Please don’t get me wrong, I know that the following sentence is meant with all the love, goodwill, and sympathy in the world, and I know that people are just trying to relate and help you feel less alone. However, “I know how it feels, it took us *insert months here* to conceive” is one of […]

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How Infertility Effects My Relationships

how infertility affects my relationships

I think it goes without saying that having fertility issues will inevitably have an effect on your relationships with people. However it’s not always negative, some relationships are stronger, some have dwindled out, and new ones have developed. I can’t change it and I wouldn’t change it, the ride’s already started and I can’t get off, […]

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“You never know…”

you never know

Having received an amazing response from my “Why Don’t You Just Adopt?” post, I’ve decided to write in more detail about the things listed in my “What Not To Say To A Woman Suffering With Infertility” post. Initially I only skimmed over them briefly and somewhat sarcastically, mostly because I think some of them were […]

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Deciding To Speak Up

deciding to speak up

For this post I’m going to be stepping away from my usual theme of infertility, although rest assured I’ll be back to normal after this post is done. I just need to get something off my chest. However, I should warn that this post may be uncomfortable and triggering for some people.

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Preparing Your Heart For Something That Never Comes

preparing your heart for something that never comes

Infertility is tough, but what can make it even harder is holding  onto that small shred of hope. The hope that maybe the countless doctors are wrong. The hope that maybe just maybe you could be part of the small percentage of people who prove everyone wrong. The hope that one day you’ll get to […]

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