It’s Been A Whole Year

From ellanpaige to meet the wicks-3.png

This isn’t going to be a very long post, and I’ve spent the last few days putting off writing it but I know it needed to be acknowledged… Friday 1st December 2017 was officially a whole year since we started trying for a baby.

This last year has honestly been one of the most painful years of my life. Nothing seems to have gone right and I’m no further forward than I was this time last year. In fact some days I want to give up, and other days I’m ready and raring for the fight.

I think I’m just at a point where I can’t live with the not knowing anymore, I’d love it if someone could sit me down and say with certainty either “don’t give up it definitely WILL happen” or “stop trying it’s never going to happen and it’s not worth destroying your life for” I’ve always been so skeptical of psychics but right now that’s the kind of person I need.

I know that in comparison to a lot of women, a year isn’t long time but to me it’s felt like an eternity and the battle is only really just beginning. Am I ready for the fight? Who knows anymore, but you either come out on top or die trying right?



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