From EllanPaige to MeetTheWicks…

From Ellan Paige to Meet The Wicks

So you may have noticed that my name on here has gone from EllanPaige to MeetTheWicks. This change is because Mitch and I sat have been talking and we decided that along with my blog, the best way to get my message out there really is YouTube. Lots of people have said this to me over the last few months and if I’m honest I’ve been too scared and lacked self confidence.

However, Mitch is now in a place where he wants to start talking about our infertility journey too. While he acknowledges that I am “the issue” and he is not, he still wants to talk about how it effects him as well as us as a couple. He also passionately believes in men having a voice when it comes to Infertility and wants to encourage men to talk about it instead of bottling it all up.
So we’ve made a few changes. The twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts will now be run by the pair of us instead of just me. We will be uploading to YouTube regularly, starting some point this week. My blog however WILL change its name but will be run by me only.
I want to thank everyone for their support over the last few months. It’s appreciated far more than you’ll ever know, and I look forward to starting the next part of the journey with you all.





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