We Got Married!

We Got Married

The last few weeks I’ve been fairly absent from all things social media, especially this blog. However I do have some pretty valid excuses , we moved house and… WE GOT MARRIED! 

Now I’ll be honest, I was never one of those little girls who grew up planning her own wedding. I could never see myself standing in a church wearing the big white princess dress at the altar in front of all my friends and family. In fact, the idea of getting up in front of dozens of people declaring my love for another human being completely terrified me, so naturally I was surprised when I found myself planning my own wedding. There I was doing the one thing  I never saw myself doing, but I wasn’t filled with the fear or anxiety that I thought I would be, instead I was filled with nothing but love and excitement.

Although we spent months planning our big day and endured so much stress from countless people, those aren’t the things I’ll remember. Instead I’ll always remember how proud of me my best friend Tash was and how she couldn’t stop smiling. I’ll remember my dad making silly comments to try and calm me down while we were waiting to make our entrance. I’ll remember the rush of love I felt when I heard the opening bars to McFly’s “All About You” letting me know it was time to walk down the aisle. I’ll remember the look on my husbands face when he saw me walking towards him. Most importantly I’ll remember being surrounded by love and the people we care about the most.

If I could I would relive Thursday 15th June 2017 on a loop every day for the rest of my life. Naturally there were some slight hiccups but in the grand scheme of things those don’t even matter, what matters is that I got to marry my best friend in the whole world and nothing can ever take that moment away.


We haven’t had our official photos back from the photographer yet but there’s are just a few of my favourites that other people took for us –

IMG_3614My wonderful TashIMG_3610IMG_3618IMG_3588                  IMG_3621IMG_3591IMG_3600IMG_3623IMG_3661IMG_3722IMG_3658IMG_3731IMG_3841






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