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A Thank You To Izzy Judd

a thank you to izzy judd

I know it sounds bizarre saying a woman I have never met has inspired me beyond belief and restored hope in my life, but I can honestly say that when it comes to Izzy Judd that’s exactly what she has done for me.

As explained in a previous blog post – I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome back in 2014. Years of non-existent periods and various other symptoms had finally pushed me to get myself checked out and my whole world came crashing down.

Then in 2015 Harry and Izzy Judd made an announcement … They were having a baby!

Not long after their pregnancy announcement, Izzy came forward with the fact that she too has PCOS, and that her and Harry had suffered a devastating miscarriage before conceiving Lola via IVF treatment. Reading those words brought a pang to my stomach and tears to my eyes. While I was so incredibly happy that Harry and Izzy had managed to conceive their miracle baby, I was relieved to hear someone I admire speak up about something so taboo.

From the day I was diagnosed I have felt so incredibly alone, and a shame and emptiness that I cannot even begin to describe. Seeing Izzy’s words and her honesty about the same thing I had felt so very ashamed of, made me instantly feel less alone. For a year (at the time) I had been surrounded by people saying things to me like “There are always other options” “You’ll just need to try harder when the time comes” “You really don’t want kids anyway, they’re just a pain” yet there was this woman who understood perfectly where I was coming from, telling the world that “yes I have this condition, it’s put me through hell but hey! I’m having a baby despite all that!”

Izzy Judd gave me the one thing I had lost all sight of … HOPE!

Once Lola was born, Izzy remained dedicated to speaking up against her fertility issues louder and clearer than before. She regularly posts uplifting quotes, and snippets of her fertility journey on her instagram page, as well as chatting with other woman going through fertility difficulties within the comments section. Despite having a young baby, Izzy has found the time to helping women suffering with infertility feel less alone. Whether these women have recently been diagnosed, are starting IVF, or giving up hope after 4 failed tried at IVF, Izzy is there offering support to complete strangers because she understands their thoughts, feelings, and what they’re going through. She doesn’t have to, yet she chooses too. Simply to make others feel less alone on what is already a very lonely journey.
Very recently Izzy held a Q&A on her twitter page, I explained very briefly my story and to my surprise she replied with some short but uplifting words. Within those 140 characters Izzy managed to make me feel calmer and the most optimistic I’d felt towards my PCOS since I’d been diagnosed. I look forward to Izzy’s tweets and instagram anecdotes, they always seem to speak directly to me and cheer me up when I’m yet again feeling completely defeated by whatever is going on with my own reproductive system.
I’m now in the process of going through more tests again, due to moving to a new area and the new surgery not having my medical notes yet. I’ve been referred to a specialist clinic for more tests and support. Something I was feeling greatly optimistic about, things were finally looking up and getting sorted, and I’d one day be able to have that baby I’ve always dreamed of. That was again until I researched the clinic I’m being referred to, and learnt that I would not meet the criteria for conception help due to my fiance already having a child. Something that I always knew could possibly impact the NHS’s decision, but now I’m in a new city and their criteria is different I certainly do not meet their specifications.
I’ve struggled with that thought all day, and tried to come to terms with definitely never having a child of my own, but I know that one day I’ll find a way around it. Whether that’s working three jobs and saving every penny I have to fund IVF privately, or just accept that it’s never going to happen for me and just give up. Whichever way I decide, I will continue to be thankful for Izzy and her kind words. She breathes positivity on a negative situation, and restores hope and faith to those who have been beaten by this dark and lonely road.
It’s amazing how a complete stranger can touch your life and make it that little bit better, but I’m so glad she did. So honestly, Izzy Judd (if you’re reading this) THANK YOU, from the very bottom of my heart. You will never ever know what you’ve done for myself and so many others. You help make this dark and dreary world a much brighter place!

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